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Courtroom Dramas Are Becoming A Thing Of The Past

Courtroom dramas are always fun to watch because they give you the meat of what is going on without all of the boring details. Switching from detective work to the courtroom scene, you get to see the prosecutors grill defendants and witnesses on the stand like they just ate their Wheaties aren’t aren’t taking no for an answer. While real life courtroom drama may not play out the same exact way, there are of course some similarities.

If you have ever watched real criminal courtroom proceedings on television, the lawyers are a bit tedious. They go over every fine detail. While they do grill people on the stand, it isn’t in hero formation. It is more like watching an accountant crunch numbers, very boring. But watching a fictional courtroom drama on television is anything but boring.

One of my favorite courtroom TV dramas was Matlock. The man was a superstar every time he entered the courtroom. The show made it out to be like what he was doing saved the day every time. Not every case, every dramatic event or every turning point in life is going to feature the same hero. As a matter of fact, being a hero has nothing to do with being able to pull of something like that. That is why it is fiction, courtroom drama on television, sensationalizing the way we think about attorneys and courtroom proceedings.

photo of courtroom hammer

Then you have Law and Order, LA Law and more. After the Law and Order spinoffs, we have seen a shortage of these kinds of shows. It makes you wonder if anything like it is coming back around. You know that people are tired of courtroom dramas. They have made some of the best movie scenes, too.

Do you still watch these courtroom drama television shows? If so, then you might have noticed that Law and Order SVU is still running; however, it has received a significant facelift to stay up with the times. Law and Order SVU used to be one of my favorite TV shows. Times change and people change. I do catch a new episode from time to time, but when it comes to courtroom dramas, I guess for the most part, it is time for something new.

We can still watch our favorite shows and catch the new SVU, but courtroom dramas need another big hit for representation. Do you think there will be another hit show coming along anytime soon? We will have to wait and see because so far, the listings are scrambled with shows that just don’t look much like what people used to watch.

Times are changing, but courtroom drama in real life is always out there. If they can reinvent it again to keep people’s attention, I suppose that will happen. One thing for sure there is the courtroom dramas the way we always knew them are now in the books folks. So reminisce and watch your reruns, but it is time to move forward and see what comes out next.